What are the stretch marks?

Due to the sudden volume increase caused by obesity or rapid growth, red or blue stretch marks may appear on the chest, abdomen, and upper thighs. These cracks appear mainly in parallel as separate bands on the skin that are about 1 centimeter long and 2 centimeters wide. Their surface is sometimes smooth and a little shallow.
They may have hair, sebaceous glands, or sweat glands.
At first, they are mostly red, pink, or purple. Over time, they change color to pearl and white ivory and become a little shiny and sometimes a little darker.
Pregnancy stretch marks are caused by sudden growth that usually appears at the end of the second trimester. About 90% of pregnant women experience this skin complication, which may appear in the upper arms or lower back by the end of pregnancy.
The biological cause of stretch marks is a decrease in skin flexibility, which weakens the connective tissue due to the abdomen and chest enlargement.
These stretch marks may occur in those who do bodybuilding, in overweight teenagers during puberty, and in people who take consecutive diets.

How do these stretch marks occur?
These bands develop slowly, at first, they are flat on the skin and pale pink, which usually causes itchy skin. Pregnancy stretch marks turn white after childbirth but never disappear.

Prevention of pregnancy stretch marks
By using natural materials available at home, you can prevent these skin stretch marks.
The skin flexibility directly relates to the connective tissue strength or weakness. Weak connective tissues are very suitable for stretch marks in contrast to the strong tissues that adapt to sudden changes.
Although it is not easy to change the connective tissue, there are some ways to prevent it.
Being overweight plays a key role in this process, so you need to maintain a healthy weight with a proper and healthy diet. Pregnant women should also be careful not to gain too much weight. Mother and child need controlled vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. For example, someone who follows a routine health plan from early pregnancy can prevent or reduce the amount of these stretch marks. You can also add oils and massage techniques to your schedule.

It is very important to moisturize your skin during this period and protect your skin with special oils and lotions regularly, thereby improving skin elasticity.
Another way is a special technique for skin massaging. Apply massage oil or a suitable cream on your skin and start rubbing from the lower abdomen. Pull your skin up between your thumb and forefinger, hold it slightly, and release it again, repeat this to the top of the abdomen. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Be careful not to give deep abdomen massages in late pregnancy.
Oils to prevent stretch marks
Using a combination of some oils can help reduce these stretch marks. For example, massage your skin with olive, coconut, and sesame oil,in the morning and evening.
Hot and cold water
Alternating hot water to very cold water in the bath promotes good health because it stimulates blood circulation and is a natural experience. So you can do the massage described in number 2 once a day in the morning to have healthy skin.
Egg white
It is a good suggestion to deal with stretch marks. Mix fresh egg whites with olive oil and massage the area. It is best to use in the bathroom because it is sticky. Leave it on the skin for a while and then wash it off.
When you constantly move and exercise, you’ll have a strong body as well as firm skin, which shows fewer stretch marks. Women should use exercise bras so the breasts’ heaviness does not cause stretch marks when moving.
potatoes Juice can help heal the skin stretch marks. The minerals and vitamins in potatoes can help the damaged and cracked skin.
To do this, put the potato juice on your skin and let it dry, then you can wash it off with water and use moisturizing cream.
Constant skin peeling can regenerate and refresh the skin. If you do not want to pay for it, make your natural peeling using the materials you have at home. Mix the olive oil with the sugar and scrub the skin cracked parts with it. This peels the old skin and sugar grains will make your skin soft and then heal your skin after a while.
Using natural ingredients and constant skin protection can help heal skin cracks.

Treatment ways
Many dermatologists believe that there is no cure for this skin condition, which is wrong. The scientific experience of many physicians and scientific research shows that there is a cure and it can be corrected but not eliminated.
Important introductory examples include too much exercise (skin stretching), skin massage using peeling tools, special creams, Retinoids, Vitamin,
PRP using new methods such as micro needling, fractional laser, Microdermabrasion, or a
combination of them on your skin.

After a face-to-face consultation, we will suggest you choose the best and most effective method.

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