12 thin needles with a 1.5 mm diameter are inserted into the skin with a pen-like device 25 times per second. The penetration depth of these needles into the skin varies from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm depending on the treated area, the treatment type, and the skin thickness.

These needles create tiny channels in the skin that stimulate it to make natural collagen and elastin, as well as rejuvenate skin cells.

The original micro needling drugs enter the subcutaneous layers through these channels and affect there. These drugs depending on the treatment type include hyaluronic acid or vitamin cocktails. You can also choose a combination of PRP and micro needling at appropriate intervals, which will have a good effect, provided that it is done by a specialist.

The micro needling field is very wide, including:

Rejuvenating and tightening the skin

Treatment of acne scars or unevenness caused by pimples

Shrinking open skin pores

Treating fine wrinkles

Invisibling skin cracks such as pregnancy stretch marks

Improving hair growth and treating localized alopecia

Improving skin pigmentation disorder

Softening and healing scars, especially burn scars

Most treated areas with micro needling:




Décolleté area

Scars or stretch marks on the body can be imperceptible by micro needling

Dermapen Superiority over Dermaroller:

The derma pen needle thickness is much less than Dermaroller and therefore Dermapen treatment is less painful than Dermaroller’s. Also, redness and skin recovery due to Dermapen treatment are much less. Dermapen needles are inserted vertically into the skin, while Dermaroller needles are inserted into the skin at an angle, so the Dermaroller holes are larger and can even rupture the skin. Dermaroller has a cosmetic aspect in Europe while Dermapen is used by physicians

The Dermapen obtained results are significantly better than Dermaroller.

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