Co2 fractional laser

Carbon dioxide laser was designed and manufactured following the advancement of skin radiotherapy and used in a variety of surgeries, nowadays it has many applications in the beauty field. The use of lasers in skin rejuvenation, scars treatment, and facial wrinkles dates back to 1995.

On the one hand, the carbon dioxide laser removes the outermost skin layer and on the other hand, due to the heat generated in the deep skin layers, the collagen tissue is strengthened.

The water molecule has a very high absorption power for the laser wavelength. Due to a large amount of water in the skin cells, the laser beam is well absorbed by these cells and destroys the cell by evaporating the water in it, thus, depending on the determined amount of energy, the treated skin layer is removed. The outer skin surface is regenerated by keratinocytes. The heat generated in deep tissues stimulates fibroblast cells, thereby regenerating collagen and elastin, and also tightens collagen tissue. These properties are especially used to smooth the skin and reduce scars.

Due to the fractional system innovation, the skin surface is not evenly irradiated by the laser, but in the form of small dots next to each other, thus the surface between the two points remains healthy and shortens the recovery period after treatment.

Non-invasive laser devices such as erbium lasers or ND YAG lasers, which have only a thermal effect on the deeper skin layers without the ability to exfoliate the skin, cannot improve the skin external image.

Efficient cases of fractional carbon dioxide laser:

Eliminate superficial and deep wrinkles

Loose and sagging skin

Scars (Hypotrophic scars, Hypertrophic scars, Burn scars, Colloids)

Pigmented warts


Open skin pores

Acne scars

Actinic keratosis

Due to the carbon dioxide laser exfoliation, the skin should be protected from sunlight for up to 6 weeks after treatment. Laser treatment does not require anesthesia, local anesthetic creams are used before treatment to make the laser painless. The treatment time varies from a few minutes to an hour depending on the treated area size. After that, the skin is red and swollen, which lasts for several days.

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