Double eyelids surgery/ East Asian Epicanthuplasty

Bright and lush eyes have a great effect on the appearance of the face and are one of the most important parameters of facial aesthetics.
Normally, people of Asian descent have an extra layer of skin in the inner corner of the eye (fold epicondyle) that prevents the formation of natural folds of eyelids in the inner corner of the eye. While these people often have narrow, almond-shaped eyes with loose and puffy eyelid tissue, which ultimately reduces the appearance and freshness of the eyes.
This surgery is usually performed for upper eyelid drooping with upper eyelid blepharoplasty.
During East Asian eyelid surgery, extra and protruding skin (fold epicanthal) is removed on the inside of the upper eyelid and a natural crease is created inside the eye.
Surgery leads to opening the inner corner of the eye, removing skin and fat and excess eyelid muscle, which ultimately causes the eyelids to rejuvenate, and subsequently the person’s face.

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