Buccal removal surgery

Having a heart-shaped or inverted triangle face shape is important from the aesthetic point of view. The cheeks become more prominent and have a considerable volume, and they become thinner towards the bottom.
Intraoral fat removal (buccal fat) in individuals who have a round face shape genetically (inherited) or adventitious by dipping the cheeks causes face angulation and shows more protrusion of the cheeks.
During this surgery, two small incisions are made inside the mouth through which deep oral fat is removed,
so no incisions are made on the person’s face.
This surgery is possible by local anesthesia and does not require anesthesia and also does not require hospitalization and you will be discharged the same day.
Due to the asymmetry in everyone’s face, the amount of fat removed from both sides of the face is not necessarily the same.
The small incisions made inside the mouth heal within 48 to 72 hours after surgery and leave no trace.
Although re-obesity after surgery is effective in replenishing the face, the amount of fat returned to the buccal area is very small.
The appearance of the final result requires time and the disappearance of the swelling caused by surgery.
There is no age limit for doing this surgery and individuals can do it according to their needs.
Although this surgery does not take much time and seems simple it requires high precision and attention of a skilled and experienced surgeon, due to the surgical area sensitivity, and the presence of nerves, arteries, and muscles in that area.
The difference between facial liposuction and buccal fat removal is that during facial suction, superficial facial fat is removed, but during buccal surgery, deep and concentrated fat of the buccal area is removed.
After this surgery, you should regularly rinse your mouth with saltwater or mouthwash.
For the first few days after surgery, eat mixed foods and liquids (natural juices) and avoid foods that contain small grains.

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